moments with the family

March 1, 2012
By Anonymous

That moment when you’re asleep early, and you’re younger brother comes in to wake you up.

That moment when you feel like you’re tall among your older but your really short. When you’re your sister tell you to go get something out of her car. Your playing basketball outside, and your younger brother comes out on the deck, and say “pass me the ball” and shoots from there. When my mom drives us home from school, and goes into the garage and turns the music up really loud. When you and your younger brother find a alive baby rattle snake and bring it inside a shoebox to show your mom. That moment on Christmas when you and your whole family are over, and the power goes black out. That moment, when you and your family and friends go on a cruse to cabo Mexico and all you want to to do when you get there is walk around the whole ship. That moment, when you’re with your family at tavern and bowl, and when your mom orders a lot of food, your older brother looks at it like he’s going to eat all of it.

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