February 23, 2012
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Day One

It was day one of the KHUHWC (which means Keeping Hands Under Hot Water championship.) It took place at the yearly County Fair, and 10 to 20 people actually joined in the championship. The competitions would take place Saturday through Wednesday, which is if I got to the final couple matches. A sink company came up with the idea to promote their sinks in the competitions by having the competitions and showing just how hot the water can get from their sink without the spout getting too hot. I was ready I thought. All of the sudden I heard Ben Krumbiegel VS. Chuck Frederickson. I walked over to the sink and started, “Ahhh”, I said the water was steaming. Chuck looked like he was going to give up so I was cheerful. After I had won the match, I happily rode my bike back to my house and ran my hands under cold water.

Day Two

My alarm woke me up around 9:00A.M. Even though I was scheduled for a later match, I wanted to get up early and do my regular daily things like: eat breakfast and read the newspaper. I did those; then I parked my hands under water for a while so when I put my hands under hot water it didn’t seem like it was as hot.
(Back at the fairgrounds) Next up Ben Krumbiegel VS Jerry Ushel. I walked over to the sink and turned the knob all the way hot. It worked! My hands weren’t burning! Now I had a great strategy. I turned out victorious! I went home and had a little celebration, hoping I was going to the finals, (I need to win 3 more matches to go to the finals.) I went to my friends to celebrate. We watched movies, played videogames, and drank soda. It was very enjoyable.

Day Three

Oh my gosh what happened?! I must have passed out on the couch last night. Way too much chocolate milk. What time is it? I turned on my phone, 12:30, oh my god my match, it’s in fifteen minutes. I need to hurry. If I’m not there on time I’m DISQUALIFIED. Oh jeez I swiftly went to my bike and rode. Oh no I forgot to dunk my hands under water, I don’t know if I can win. I met my other friend there and he said, “Where have you been? You’re up in thirty seconds and we’re 200 yards away.” We’re done for. I sprinted as fast as I could the whole way. When I got there he had just said three more seconds.

“Wait, wait I’m here!” I yelled out of breath. “Alright, I’m going to have to hold my breath to make the water not seem so hot.” I thought to myself. Shortly then we started with the match. Ahhh, I can’t hold my breath any more the water was so hot burning my hands. I can’t do it any longer, I took my hands out. I had lost, but it’s alright I tried my hardest and that’s what matters. Well, after all that hard work, and effort, I’m not angry. My friends or family don’t care either. Now I’m going to enjoy the fair. Right away I called up some buddies to come to the fair. Me and a couple of friends then played games, went on rides, ate food, and drank soda. We went on as many rides as we could. My favorite ride was the BRAINBUSTER. It flipped us and twisted us so fast; it basically threw my brain out of my head. I guess that’s why they call it the BRAINBUSTER!

Day Four

Even though I didn’t win, I went back the next day to watch and congratulate the man who had beaten me. He had ended up winning the whole competition and won a cash prize of $1000. I really wish I would’ve won the match so I would have won the money. He said that he was going to take his hands out right when I did so I was surprised. He didn’t live far from me so when I was bored he and I could hangout. And that’s how I was in the KHUHW championship at the yearly county fair.

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