Finding Elmo

February 27, 2012
By Karen Ayala BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Karen Ayala BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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We were running all around the building finding the missing toy. We were at my best friend’s house at this time having the best time ever! My best friend’s name is Allia, she is from Pakistan and she has two younger brothers. One that is eleven and one that is two years old. When we got there we wanted to watch the latest movie on Netflix. After the movie, all of us went to do our own activities and we decided later to watch a new movie, but then we noticed that Allia’s youngest brother lost his Elmo toy he couldn’t live without. We all started looking for it around the house but we couldn’t find it. I wonder if this usually happens because they seem like it is a piece of junk but, it isn’t I personally think it is a big deal. The worst part is the more time we took looking for the toy, the more he started crying because he didn’t have his toy with him. He was also crying because he wanted to sleep but he couldn’t without his toy.

Then we thought what if it was outside. The door is always open and we were probably in the room when he got out. Maybe we didn’t notice when he went outside and must have dropped his Elmo somewhere then, he came back home and never saw that he dropped it. There is a possibility he threw it on purpose and could never get it back and just ignored it. Wendy Allia’s mom had the idea of going outside and looking for it there. We split up and went but when we all came back there was still no Elmo. The baby was crying more and I am not going to lie it was pretty annoying. All of a sudden the manager came out complaining about us running around. We tried explaining but he didn’t listen to us. Now we are running quieter and lightly. Allia and I went to go check where no one thought it would be, the pool. Just as I thought it was there floating in the middle of the pool. We couldn’t get it now because it was too late to go in. There was nothing we could do but wait. My brother and I had to go home in a while anyways.

What we did is try to rock him to sleep. We put things he likes, like Sesame St. and other toddler things. It took a really long time but we did it he was sleeping and we were all trying to be very quiet to not wake him up. We were right on time, because my Mom was right outside to take my brother and I home. When we got home my brother and I told my Mom the horrible experience with Allia’s baby brother. When I was all ready sleeping I was thinking it wasn’t that bad of a day after all.

The next morning I called Allia to see how her brother woke up and if she went to go get the toy Elmo.

“Hi Allia, how is your brother? Did he ever cry at night?” I ask

Allia answers in a calm way “No, he was sound asleep. When he woke up he didn’t even ask for the toy. We got the toy washed it and gave it to him, but he didn’t want it anymore.”

“Wow, that is incredible he let go of it fast!” I say. We say bye and hang up.

I learned that people could let go of things faster than I thought.

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