Day We Almost Got Arrested

February 27, 2012
By jordi23 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
jordi23 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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It was July the month that all students had vacation. It was the time all kids had fun being out of school but suffered of doing homework. Well my friends and I had a lot of fun in summer because we did our homework the first week and had then rest of the summer to play. Well what we didn’t know that this was a summer we would never forget.

In the summer my friends and I used to meet at the store near our houses named Bob’s Market. It was Israel and Ivan and I. Israel and I have been a friend since 3rd grade when my sister moved near his house. Then Ivan and I have known each other for three years when his mom met his mom. When we were out at the market we always used to plan our day and buy something at the market. We decided to go to my house instead of the store because it was too hot to just be sitting in front of the store doing nothing. While we were walking to my house we saw an empty parking lot. There we saw a wide-open space calling us to play in it. The only thing that was separating us was a rusty old fence with twisted cooper with a bent up sigh saying no trespassing.

We went in anyways. We saw that the parking was right next to my house. I told my sister to through over a soccer ball. She through a silver shiny ball. We played until our legs dropped dead. We knew we were going to come back. We decided to go buy water balloons to play. We went to fill up the water balloons until they could be passed as a soccer ball. Poom! Went the first hit to Israel’s face! Pow! Back to my face and sknocked me to the floor. We played and played. Israel and I both ran to the bucket were the water “ I am going to call the cops for trespassing private property,’’ the security said.
Balloons where, but there were no more. The water of the water balloons went all the way to the street. My friends and I got worried.
‘’What if someone saw the water on the street,’’ said Ivan.
‘’Perhaps the owner of the parking saw,’’ Ivan said shivering

We saw a security guy approaching the parking.
‘’ Wait here let me get my phone at the car,’’ the security said.
‘’ When I say 3 we run the other way,’’ I whispered to my friends.
‘’1,2,3 go,’’ I said. We ran like never before and didn’t stop running until we didn’t see the security no more.

Now I have learned that I should never do something before thinking of the consequences you might get yourself into because you never know where you will end up.

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