Party Injury

February 27, 2012
By Debbie Dicdican BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Debbie Dicdican BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Her hand lashed out at me barley missing. I thought she wouldn’t hurt me but, I felt a grip as soon as I though that. Then with a twist pain rushed through me.

I walked into the hot yard and inhaled the hot air that also had a whiff of hot dogs. I could here the air rushing out of the big purple jumper. It was a hot summer day and Metinee was turning 5. After everyone got there we started the party.

My short plump friend, Leilani and I were having a good time. Eating, running around, and laughing. After eating the vanilla frosting off the piece of my cake, I went back inside the huge jumper with a few other friends. The jumper had little obstacles that people could crash through and jump on. We began playing tag and hitting each other like 5 and 6 year olds do. Leilani and I began going in and out of the jumper for more food and drinks. It was near the end of the day until there was a commotion in the jumper.

I looked to see Tyron and Leilani arguing over something. Tyron looked short standing across from Leilani. I had known Tyron since 1st grade and Leilani since kinder. As the argument got hotter and hotter Leilani said, “You messed with the wrong girl.” Then her hand lashed out missing Tyron by an inch. I saw her hand with sharp claws and her eyes in narrow slits. I had two choices I could either leave Tyron to be chased around by a scary girl and get hurt very badly or I could help him.

I made my decision and stepped in Leilani’s way. I knew there was a trust bond between the both of us and thought she wouldn’t hurt me. All of a sudden those sharp claws went against me to, and the horrible grip hurt so much. The madness in her eyes was enough to scare me to forget that we trusted each other. Then she twisted my arm and I cried out in pain. I thought it would never end. That cry of pain ended with her mom yanking her away from me.

I went outside in to the small yard and over to the food table where all the parents were. I yelped as they found the spot that hurt the most. They told me it was sprained and then scolded Leilani for not letting me go. Leilani paid the price and was never invited to Metinee’s birthday parties ever again.

You know after that whole incident, I learned how to forgive and not trust somebody fully at the same time. People must pay a price for everything even saving an old friend.

The author's comments:
This is real.

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