My Water Monkey

February 24, 2012
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At first I didn’t know what it was or even knew it’d happen. I thought it was just butterflies flying around crazily whenever I would think about your daddy, you know? Each day I would wake up with morning sickness and I’d always blame it on my restless nights. How nice. When your daddy would come visit me, he would ask me, ‘How’s the little water monkey inside your tummy?’ And I’d just laugh and say, “You’re crazy.”
The next few weeks I started craving the weirdest food in the world like Bimbo with some red salsa and a lot of garlic bread. Things I would never eat. Your dad started to ask me what happened to my weight and I would blame it on my goal in gaining some extra pounds in order to look good… even though he kept saying ‘there’s a little water monkey inside of you’. One month later, I began to feel tired and super lazy during the day that every time your dad would visit, I would be lying down in the king size bed surrounded by huge pillows, and guess what? I would blame it on the chores that I never did.

At three months, late at night, I was watching The Notebook with your daddy in the couch eating fruit since he didn’t let me make some popcorn. My head sat in his lap as he fed me some fruit when all of the sudden, I felt a small butterfly feeling that was stronger than before. Your daddy saw my wide eyes and smirked as he placed his palm on my stomach, waiting for the butterfly feeling again. He felt them and leaned down to kiss my forehead before saying, “You’re going to be a mommy.”

When I turned four months, my belly began to show and I admit I hated it because I looked pretty fat. The fears about being a teenage mom went away when I first saw you in the ultrasound monitor. Tears spilled as I stared at you, so small, fragile and so gummy bear like I just wanted to squeeze you. Your daddy had been crying too as we both watched you cuddle into a small ball like if you were cold. I wanted to push you out already and hug you so you would never be cold again but I still needed to wait a few more months.

The fifth month, I would spend it in bed reading a few baby books since your grandma Landa said it was good for the babies to hear their mommies voice. You would move whenever I read The Cat in the Hat. That’s when I promised myself that I would always read you books each night while you were still young.

On the sixth month, I lied in bed eating a watermelon slice while I watched, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” When I heard the front door open, I walked towards the doorway that divided our room from the living room and stopped unexpectedly. Your daddy had a small shopping bag filled with pink and blue. Excitedly, I opened the bag and gasped when I saw all the baby clothes. At that moment, I wanted to start dressing you up like if you were a baby toy but no, because you were still developing inside me.

On my seventh and eighth month all I wanted to do was sleep, eat, bathroom, and all over again. My back would hurt with each movement I made and trust me, it seemed I was going to be your grandma instead of your mommy. Your dad was always there, visiting me all the time. He would bring me some brownies, fruit cocktails and let’s say mostly everything was healthy.
On my last month, I sat in the couch watching Cat in the Hat as I rubbed my belly hoping the heat would go to you. Your daddy had stepped out to buy me a bunch of candies right after I had started cramping. A few minutes after that, my full contractions started and I breathed in and out waiting for your dad. By the time your daddy got home, my water had already broke and for the first time I had seen him freak out, not knowing what to do besides curse and thank God while me on the other hand, I stood my ground and watched the puddle below me.

Baby, I have to admit that putting up with those horrible contractions made me want to give up and not hurt anymore but there was your daddy, holding on to my hand and begging me to hold on. The doctors and the nurses congratulated me as I cried during my cramping but all I wanted was to put tape in their mouth. When I was ready, I did my best to bring you out into this world. Your daddy held my hand tightly, letting me know he was here and it’s where he wanted to be.

Then I heard you cry.
The whole world stopped and I could only hear your little crying as they cut your umbilical cord and cleaned you before bringing you to me. Holding you for the first time made me the happiest mommy in the world and as I held you I noticed how much you looked like your daddy. I looked up at your dad and saw him stare at the both of us as I placed you in his arms.
We were teenager’s who made wrong choices and regretted most of them but one thing we would never regret, was bringing you into this world, my baby.

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