In the Depths of My Ocean

February 22, 2012
Topsy-turvy, up and down; that is the ocean that is me. Far more dynamic than any lake, river, or stream, the waters beyond my shores are filled with dreams of what could be. Beneath the seemingly clear surface lies another world teeming with life, just waiting to be explored. In the depths of my ocean resides the locker of Davy Jones, its contents to be explored.

I am a rosebud of the rarest kind, standing tall upon my stem. I wait patiently, eagerly, to show my colors to the world beyond those who study me. I am timid, cautious in my approach, meticulous over every detail. I am bold; a lightning bolt in my follow through. I stand firm in every risk I take. I am a roman candle dashing through the sky, bright and bursting in all that I do. I am me.

I am fond of tranquility and its coupling contentment. I am fond of true companions, and the laughter they bring. I am fond of purple sunsets and vibrant ocean horizons. I am fond of excitement and sudden thrusts of adrenaline. I am fond of the simple pleasures in life. I am fond of being fond.

I believe in magic, like nervous butterflies. I believe in wonders and whimsical fantasies. I believe in reasons, nothing is coincidence or chance. I believe in happily-ever-after. I believe in love.

I do not care for hearing false truths. I am not concerned with those who say “impossible”. I do not care for ignorance, or those who do not care for others. I do not care to reveal true feelings, yet I do not care to hide them. Though it is a part of life, I do not care to waste time with sadness, pain, or sorrow. I despise a broken heart.

Like people, oceans never stay the same; they change minutely from day to day, and greatly over the years. Turbulent, serene, clear, murky; they can be one or all of these things at any given moment. Topsy-turvy, up and down, that is the ocean that is me. Far more dynamic than any lake, river, or stream; beneath my surface is another world.

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