My First Downfall

February 20, 2012
By TheBallotOrTheBullet SILVER, Honey Grove, Texas
TheBallotOrTheBullet SILVER, Honey Grove, Texas
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Staring down my own nemesis,

face to face,

he hid behind a glass wall.

Sirens ran through my head,

no lotus could make me stay,

it was time for this janitor to lock another door.

Panic showed in his eyes,

chaos in his heart,

an echo that no one understood.

Prediction was of fury,

in no definite chronology,

a herculean task.

My cerebral was hermetic,

my flora sparse,

this mellow music would quickly change.

Surely mercury detail would be the way,

as far from being saturnine,

to hide from that titan.

My thoughts were protean,

racing down their own tracks,

a mentor I would lose.

I told him I was ready,

I finally escaped that prison,

it felt good to breathe.

I quit,

I quit,

I quit coach.

That was it,

the lethal injection,

this odyssey had come to an end.

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