One Given Away

February 6, 2012
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Some say that the best thing about people, is to be with them. Instead, that is not the case. There's a whole nother' story, In my point of view.

I thought in my mind, one day, that I would hopefully be one of those "people", but seeing it, it will never be. When will I be one of these people? Should I think it'd be awesome to have one person in my life? Of course. Who would not think this?

Yet, my luck still turns on me. Making me disappointed about my own misfortune. I grieved until the day my misfortune turned into good fortune, meeting a nice gal, Rebecca. She was the perfect image that I have dreamed of seeing, and with her image stuck in my head, I had to be a gentleman and help her with anything she needed.

A conversation started between the two of us, talking about how we were having a great time with each other. So she brought up an interesting question. She asked me if I would be her friend. Saying yes, in disbelief I was thinking the same thing all other guys would think. Is this for real?

What a great friendship it was. Until one day, I met a tall lad holding hands with my friend. Rebecca told me she had found her luck with this guy. I felt like my heart shattered into a bunch of pieces, and then stepped on by the tall guy. My dreams were crushed, and so it started back from the beginning, but at least we were still friends.

Later sometime I noticed another gal, but I was undecided between both. To leave my dream, or to get a new one. I told myself to choose between two options. I either have to move on or just stay with myself forever.

I got a second chance with my gal, Rebecca. She had said the tall guy was not interested in her, and asking me for support. I felt relieved of the loneliness, and had given a big smile on my face. Although I did have one thing on my mind.

With Rebecca having my attention and seeing that we were more than just friends now, I told her sorry, but there is someone else. I let go of her and she was awning in disbelief. I explained that in the time that you had found someone, I had to go find my own "someone". She told me that we were one. But I, with grievance and regret, had to give her away.

So then it went back to square one with my new dream. Rebecca and I were never friends anymore, and we did not see each other again. Dreams do not disappear, but instead are given away for someone else to have.

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