February 15, 2012
By Anonymous

Parents. They give you all their love, they spend a ton of money on us and they never seem to be happy.

Most parents are divorced. Some get over it and move on with their lives. Some become engrossed in knitting, spending money or surrounding themselves with self help books. Other parents go the less(or more) traditional route and go out, spend a lot of money or they happen to find w****s/man w****s. Happens more than you might think.

Divorced parents are good depending on how you look at it. Two homes, two birthdays, two Christmases. And maybe two new people who aren’t your parents. Change is good under the circumstances. But divorce can bring pain, even if they think it “doesn’t affect us.”

It’s scary really. To think that two people who fell in love, were married for however many years and had kids, can one day decide they don’t love each other anymore. What happened? You cant just lose feelings for a person over night. Does it work that way?

When my parents told me that they were getting divorced, it felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. I cried for days. I mean, come on. They were married for twenty five years! They had four kids! And now, its all “Oh, we don’t love each other anymore.” What the hell happened?!?!

It was horrifying. My mom moved out of the house. She didn’t want to be near my dad any more. They didn’t make eye contact and they didn’t even speak to each other. Like being in each other presence for more than a second would cause them to burst into flame. They used to be in love.

I’ve moved in with my brothers now. My parents sold the house me and all my brothers grew up in. They packed up their stuff, one moved into a condo downtown and the other moved to Washington to be with family. While I got abandoned at the older brothers apartment while they “Find Themselves.”

But I guess its okay. My brothers love me and are cool. Their girlfriends are like my replacement moms. They do my hair for parties, help me with boy stuff and they love to sing with me. Good enough, but not the real thing.

I still stay up at night crying and saying “Mommy and Daddy don’t love each other.” Less often now, but it happens from time to time. I wonder what made them so…unloving. Was it something they said or did? Was it me? Did I do something wrong? Was it something I could have done better?
Maybe its not my fault and maybe it is, I just needed to say it:

Parents suck.

The author's comments:
I needed to get my feelings out. My parents are MIA and my brothers are tired of hearing about it. What better way to express yourself than the internet?

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