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February 14, 2012
By suspence68 BRONZE, Fort Dodge, Iowa
suspence68 BRONZE, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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We all have experienced times when bullying has happened. We see this go on every day and nobody doesn’t do anything. We have stepped up for people that we like and that we know who our friends. We usually don't think that it is that big of a deal, but for some it hurts them personally. I have bullied someone before and I feel bad but I can’t regret it. However I can defend someone when they are being bullied from now on. I don’t bully people I understand how serious this is.

Bullying can cause people to become paralyzed and scarred for life, they don’t people don’t know how to react to being bullied, and they can have disorders. I am bullied day in and day out. I have always don’t ennucate my words. So people make in fun of me for that. Which I don’t pay attention to any of it like some other people would. I know how to take things in and let them go. It doesn't matter down here on earth the way we are built, but I can assure you that up there we are all equal and no one is better then anyone else.

I was in Arizona with my cousin. We were playing basketball and there was a lonely kid shooting the ball all by himself. Next thing we know he is on the ground because he doesn't want to leave. He said he was there first and thats the rules on the court. The kid told the group of kids he will be leaving in 10 minutes, and he would be done and that then they could use the court. In the end this kid got beat up for wanting to stay because he wasn't good enough to be in this group of so called “cool people”.

While I was on vacation we ended up doing nothing about it and didn’t trying to stop the bullying. We went home feeling bad for the kid and wished we would have done something about it. This was in the summer. After I came home. I learned that the bullying had increased on this kid. No one was his friend and nobody liked the kid; they always put him down. In the end the kid killed himself from all the bullying because he couldn’t take it anymore. Before the kid killed himself my cousin made a special connection with him. My cousin saw that he was abusing himself with the use of drugs and alcohol, and he ran away from home.

If you are not aware of the consequences of bullying you should be. Bullying can change someone’s life, Also it can shatter families as friends can be caused to suffer. We really need to look at the big picture. We are all special and different and there is not one person like you. Bullying needs to come to stop before we lose more lives over bullying!

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