An Act of Kindness

February 14, 2012
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“Only the good die young.” Aaron Spielberg was rather tall, with blonde hair, pearly white teeth, and a contagious smile, and light blue eyes. He had a very upbeat personality and as far as I remember there was not a dull moment when he was in the room. He was quite the technician, he completely remodeled a truck. He lived in Tempe, Arizona with his mom, Marybeth, (my dad’s sister) Dad, Horst, and two brothers, Jermey and Cody. He was nineteen when God called him home.

Aaron had a very nice motorcycle that he rode occasionally, because the roads are not like Fort Dodge, Iowa, they’re quite busy in Arizona. One day he decided to take it out and not too long after a big FedEx truck backed right into him.He was not dead, just a broken leg and a few bruises, but he was still smiling. Jermey was back in Fort Dodge and the reason Aaron went on this motorcycle ride was to pick a package up for Jermey. Prior-to this accident they had been fighting, and when Jermey got the call that Aaron had been in an accident, he was very upset.

Aaron went to the hospital and was perfectly fine, just a cast on his leg. Family was there but it was getting late, so everyone left. Later that night a blood clot formed in Aaron’s leg causing him to die. My aunt got a call at about four in the morning. Jermey, all the way back in Fort Dodge, got the call then too. I remember that morning so well. My mom was sitting on the couch and she got a call, started crying hung up the phone and told me what had happened I was devastated.

Aaron kept on living through people though. He was quite the Boy Scout back in middle school, and supported it until the day he died. In Tempe, Arizona, they have a huge park for the Boy Scouts. My Aunt got a call a few years later saying they wanted to dedicate part of the park to Aaron. They put a big plaque up for him, and a bench.

My whole family went down to Arizona for the presentation of the memorial. Before the whole presentation we had about an hour or so to go look around the park and climb all the hills. Once it was time for the presentation we all gathered around and there was probably thirty to forty people there, some I didn’t even know. We talked about Aaron for a while, all the stories and memories. Then they showed us the plaque and it turns out someone had donated a-lot of money anonymously. My whole family was in shock. We were so happy, rejoicing with tears and hugs.

I guess being nice is a good legacy to leave behind and Aaron accomplished that very well, from being a boy scout to just going to pick up a package for his brother. Aaron is not forgotten and still to this days lives on through the park and the lives of our family.

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