February 12, 2012
A summer of many changes in my life, a summer of emotions and new experiences.
It all started last summer July,2011. I met Brent the cutest guy I could ever meet, understanding, loving, amazing in every single way. Its one of those guys that are hard to find like one in a million. We did everything together, we shared times together he got to meet my mom and Dad and all the people close to me that I love.

My dad was hospitalized, he was very sick and incapable of doing basic things like eating, going to the bathroom ect. The whole summer I went to visit him at the hospital to cheer him up. My birthday got closer and closer I was so excited to turn 15 to have my special party that I planned for years that every girl wishes to have ,my Quincianera but I was also worried about my dad If he was going to be fine for my birthday. The day before my party my dad got worse and he had a cardiac arrest, I was there when that was happening.

I felt incapable like I couldn’t do anything to help him and I called the first nurse I could find but it was to late his heart had stopped beating. The hope was lost, tears shed naturally all memories we had entered my thoughts. People say the first year is the hardest but only time can heal the pain. Loosing a person you love is never easy, but one of things I had to understand is that death is the cycle of life it is something we all have to experience and it will happen with more than one person.

With the help of my mom and Brent things got better I thank Brent so much because he made me laugh and kept me distracted . He was an angel sent from heaven when I needed
him the most. My summer got better with all that experience I learned that it’s not always good to hide your feeling and letting it all out is the accurate thing to do. My dad always be here, in my heart and its impossible to forget about him and I will always love him. Last summer was a time I will never forget.

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