A Spielberg Kind of Dream

February 2, 2012
Sometimes, we have dreams that seem a little too realistic to be only a dream. You know, the dreams where you can actually smell your grandmother's freshly baked cookies or where you can hear the screams of hundreds of adoring fans? We've all had a dream like that at least once. I had a dream like this a few nights ago.

I stood in my upstairs hallway, my friend at my side. The way our house is built, once you are at the top of the stairs, to your left is the spare bedroom. Then my bedroom, the bathroom, and hallway closet are in front of you. To your right is my dad's room. My friend and I stood in front of the bathroom door, casually talking, yet I can't exactly remember what we were talking about. Out of nowhere, my dad's bedroom door opened by itself. We watched in frozen horror as it slammed itself shut, then repeated the process, getting stronger and louder with each slam. We were too afraid to move. As the door continued to open and shut itself, the hallway lights started turning on and off by themselves. I couldn't believe what was before my eyes. Just as I was about to call for my dad, the shower in our bathroom turned on, and soon started flooding out onto the floor. We screamed for my dad, yet we received no answer. My bedroom door then began opening and slamming shut, just as my dad's had. We ran down the stairs, hearts pounding, minds racing, close to tears. My dad sat on the couch, watching television. He hadn't heard anything going on upstairs! He didn't believe a word of what we said, so he went upstairs to inspect for himself. Doors were still slamming, lights were still turning on and off, and the shower was still running. My father came back down the stairs, and said nothing was going on. We all sat on the couch, and my friend and I tried to figure out what was happening. As I looked into our dining room, I noticed all the chairs had been stacked on top of the table in an odd fashion. The last thing I remember is screaming at the top of my lungs, then the nightmare ended. I was safe in my room. The doors weren't slamming, the shower was off, and the lights were off (and they stayed off).

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