that one kid

February 1, 2012
If you saw this kid at school all you would think is that he is a normal kid. He isn’t a geek nor very popular. He was a kid you could talk with and joke around with. One thing you wouldn’t wanna do though was piss him off. He was like a stick of dynamite with a short fuse.
I once saw him fight this kid. Well actually it wasn’t much of a fight. I mean he just smashed that other kid like an ant. Just pounding his face to a bloody pulp. As he hit him you could see the pattern of the blood splatter all over his shirt. It was as if everything was in slow motion and you could hear nothing but one droplet of blood at a time hit his shirt. Finally somebody pulled him off. When he flung around to see who was pulling him off, his long greasy black hair was in front of his eyes and covering his long narrow face. He looked calm, that he got all his anger out that must have been building up inside of him for years. It was as if it didn’t faze him one bit.
After the fight, there was blood all over him, that wasn’t even his and you could see in the kids eyes that were just surrounding this animal that they were scared. As if they were afraid to even look at him. They were all cheering the fight on, but when they noticed that he wouldn’t stop all their faces turned still like they had just gotten news that their mother died. People all around were just shocked, you could hear mumbling going through the crowed and then it was just silent when the kid looked around at the crowd. This kid was brutal. If they hadn’t of pulled him off, the other kid would have prolly died. He had this look in his eyes like he was psycho and he was going to kill anyone that got in his way. Everyone knew right then and there, not to mess with him.
After that fight, he went on with the day as if he never even touched that kid. They had to call paramedics. It didn’t bother him. That was about a month ago. The kid has been gone ever since. People said he had committed suicide, others said he got beat to death by his father. Nobody really knows. Come to think of it nobody even knew his name.
I was walkin down the street to the store when I see a car coming full speed down the lane. There was somebody walking in front of me a little ways. That car was heading straight for that person. So I started yelling at the person to move. As soon as the person turned around I could see the long black hair, the dark mysterious eyes, and his long narrow face. His eyes got bigger as he saw that car. He got hit, sucked under the car and drove right into the ground. The car didn’t even stop, it just kept going. That person who got hit looked familiar. I couldn’t remember the persons name though. I saw who it was. It was the kid that disappeared and no one heard about or nothing. I waited for it to appear on the news or in the papers. It never even appeared anywhere. It was as if no one cared and if it had never happened.

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