They Call it Febuary

February 1, 2012
Really, they do.  Only, it feels like spring and my little sister got out her flip-flops because she says that it's summer.  I don't think it's nearly hot enough, and besides, the wind keeps blowing and then I shiver and want to close the window.  Only, it's very nice to feel fresh air without feeling like I will freeze in my room.  The ground is still brown, like always.  I think of February as a very brown month.  January disappointed.  It's the white one.  March is supposed to be green but it always turns out to be a medium blue.  April is white and green and pink and yellow, like lilies, because it is spring and Easter and happy.  May is yellow or pink.  I don't like it because it's pink because I don't like pink.  June is bright soft yellow, and I like June.  My mom's birthday is in June, and my dog's, one after the other.  July is red, red like orange like the sun and red like watermelon and red like on the flag on independence day.  August is red like brown and like leaves that happen in the next month of September which is brown and yellow and happy too.  I like September.  It's a friendly month and I need more friendly in my life.  October is brown but also purple, well, violet, because it has my birthday in it although it is at the end of the month.  Last birthday it was snowy and dark and not so happy but I hope that this year it will be violet again.  November is brown and thankful, and it turns into thanksgiving month because every month has a theme, but the color is the main theme.  Yes, December is green and red, but sometimes it is blue and silver and gold like January sometimes is.  And that is all the months and their colors.  Even though February is living up to its reputation as a brown month, it is still supposed to be cold, and maybe wet, and right now it is nice.  You'd think I'd enjoy the nice, but so many changes just make me grumpy and like I told you before, I need more friendly, not grumpy, in my life right now, 'cause I am an age where it all sucks and I let it, so I need more friendly to bump me up to where this weather is: nice.

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