The White Ocean

February 1, 2012
By wyatt mickelsen BRONZE, Eatonville, Washington
wyatt mickelsen BRONZE, Eatonville, Washington
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I live in a small foot hills town of Eatonville Washington at 1,602 feet above sea level. I’m within a valley with the White Mountains surrounding the small town what seems more like a little village in the middle of nowhere compared to a place as in Tacoma for instance. There are evergreen trees everywhere, and it’s heavily wooded. Within these woods, there are elk, deer, bear, and bobcats every were and so many lakes and rivers bountiful with full of trout and salmon .

I’m not very sure the exact date of this happing but if I remember right it was in November of two thousand ten. Like I said I live in the valley of the foot hills so we only get a couple of inches of snow. It gets cold some times in the village but it has not been this cold for a long time. Low teens to high single digits. The snow level has dropped greatly, zero feet above sea level. The news was also warning of a very large snow storm. Good thing I love the snow.

I wake from my sleep its warm in side. I awaken in a fashion as a bear would in its cave from hibernation I gaze across my bed and set my disoriented eyes on my alarm clock. Its six a.m. that can’t be right I think to my self. My whole room is light up as if it’s the middle of the day with the sun shining at its highest. I slowly start my what seems to be a journey because I am so tired. As I begin to crawl out my resting place, it soon dawns on me the weather report for snow. I leap out of bed like a kangaroo and dash to the blinds like a cheetah. As I begin to gaze out my window I find was pure magic.

As I stare at the outside world I see an ocean. An ocean were it sparkles, it sparkles in the sun. It’s truly yet magic. This is no ordinary ocean a mystical white ocean. The waters on the white ocean are ruff today with three foot high swells. The ferry ride to the school is going to be canceled. Then I leave the spot I stare from on the dock and come back to my bed room window. The ocean turns back to the snow covered ground, the sun begins to dime in back in to the street light and the luminous waves turn in to snow drifts.

My whole house is silent my gaze is still set on this white ocean they are the size of grape fruits now I am now resembling my sisters guinea pig . I begin to hear stirring in my room. I begin to peer over my shoulder I see my dog the same color of the ocean outside. She lays undisturbed. I see my youngest sibling creep around the corner. He sees me awake and enters the small bedroom that I have just awoken in.

As he begins to stumble in to my room I can see he himself had just awoken to. I begin to ask the little one if he has also seen the weather. He responds by saying “it snowed Wyatt it snowed” in an excited cheer. I start to inform him on the newly fallen snow. He begins to ask me how much I tell him there has to be at least two feet. “Can we go sledding he says suddenly”. Sounds like a plan I reply. Let’s go and get some breakfast first turbo. OK!! He shouts.

As I am chewing down on my food I heard footsteps and a hand on the rail on the stairs. It’s my dad “I thought you had to go to work” I question him.” I did but, there was too much snow and I didn’t want to drive in it’’. I then hear a whimper at the sliding glass door it’s my dog. The snow is way over her head for her to go to the bathroom. As I start to open the door I hear my dad tell me that he himself had previously cleared a spot for her to go on the side of the garage.

Then me and my dog start to walk through the laundry room and in to the garage .my bare feet fit the stone cold hard concrete floor. I jump in the air and I land in my cozy soft comfortable slippers. I see my sister Alexis scrounging up her snow clothes. When I grabbed the metal doorknob for the garage it felt that my hand would freeze right off at the wrist. The door was now open and I say for once how much it snowed with the sun now coming over the hill behind my house.

Once I got back inside the warm house I got my bulky water proof snow clothes on. I join my sister finding my finding my snow boots. Soon after my mom rallies us all up in the car but then I grab our sleds and we leave.

The author's comments:
This is one of the first snow storms that I have ever seen.

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