Blinded by those who love you

January 31, 2012
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“The human father has to be confronted and recognized as human as man who created a child and then, by his absence left the child fatherless and then Godless”

On July 26,1993 a child was born into this world taken hold of the world and the life that was given to her. Only god knew the road that she as about to travel. So he gave her the strength to be strong, forgive and take everything that happens and make it a life lesson. To be born with a mother and a father. So wonderfully placed above the stereotype of having both parents. Just to grow into that stereotype mom’s gone and dads gotten married. The child that was one day old 2lb and 7oz is now 12 and 73lbs. Dads gotten married now he’s divorced. Thinking the world is the blame for his problems because he felt we replaced him. So he needed someone else to love. But loved the world so much he replaced US. That child that was 12 and 73lbs is now 14 and 82lbs. Made those phone calls only a few times I guess to show that he cared. But my name is not rest in peace because I didn't not die and my heart still beats. But the words of the man who said he was my father ran through my head like a sentence with no punctuations. Having to sit there with a sad look on my face to hear the phone ring to say “ oh baby girl I can't come through”. Just to close my eyes and hope that this was just one dream to realize I’m in my PJ’s laying in my bed .But you see that this man is still hiding` behind a big screen. So that girl that was once 14 and 83lbs is now 15 and 98lbs dad told me “ I love you and yes I said “ I love you too”. To hear the silence gracefully running through the phone. To hear the words “ hello” on the other end of the phone. But realized there isn’t a answer at the end of the phone to hear the silence of our hearts that once beat together but been separated so long that the beats don’t matter anymore. Just the lost of words that we have that's been lost for years and separated by so many lies. So that little girl who tried to put herself in her mothers shoes and love the man who once loved her now this girl is sixteen. And has taken lifes lesson and made it a story to realize life hurts and people leave but how do we as people survive without the touch of some kind of angel. So now she’s sixteen and taken off her mothers shoes and wrote sincerely instead of THE END . To show she’s wouldn't leave without those words like HER FATHER DID.

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