The Future of the Law

January 24, 2012
By Anonymous

There’s a lot that defines me. One major thing is my future. By writing this you would see my love for criminal justice. You will see that I understand what it takes to be the best at what I want to do and in life itself. Some people would never guess that I would want to work in this type of field. I love to help people and besides being a doctor I think criminal justice is the next thing in line that helps the human race.

Criminal Justice has always been a field that I was interested in. It’s a tough job to have but it takes a strong minded person and brave person to have this job and I feel I fit the description. It’s a big part of the world being a police officer, homicide detective etc. I’m very interested in criminal justice because I like the fact that I can help out people and bring a lot of people to justice that shouldn’t be on the streets. I also would love the fact that I would protect my city. My family consists of two police officers and I would love to be the 3rd.

I have did research about my future career choice. I’ve looked into school’s that have fields in criminal justice. Also there’s a lot of television shows that I’ve watched and learned information from. Me and some of my other family members that are interested in the same field have went to visit the police department which is where my aunt works, the officers told us all what it takes to be a police officer and gave us a tour, and what happens in each part of the departments. The visit to the police station had a big effect on my outlook of life because I knew it was something I could see myself doing. After that day I knew I could be successful in the field of criminal justice. But I just don’t want to be a police officer. My goal is to be promoted to be and homicide detective. I know that could be challenging, but the feeling of bringing multiple families to closure would make it worthwhile. I would be so proud of myself.

One police officer I admire is my aunt: on several conversations we had conversations and she explains to me that it is a lot of hard work, and it requires takes a lot of bravery and heart. She also mentioned to me that you have to enjoy the job in order to make it and everyday task that you’ll strive to do. You can’t have a problem with working all hours of the day some schedules might be tougher than other because of the times but I know I can still do it. The most important thing she told me is “always be prepared for the worst”, it’s not the best thing to hear but it’s the truth. You just have to be good at what you do. That conversation with my aunt meant a lot to me and sparked my interest even more.

In conclusion I understand and know my future and by reading this I hope you understood it too. I will make it my goal to succeed and accomplish my dream. So the help of my aunt and schooling I know I can do it. Also I would be the best homicide detective to my department. I still have a lot to learn but I’m prepared.

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