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January 24, 2012
By , Oak Lawn, IL
Growing up we don’t know who or how we are going to turn out but the people in our life do influence choices that we make and will make. So far I like who I’ve turned into and hopefully it is who I will be in the future. I’m a very helpful person that would like to keep helping others while also having a good and stable career.
One thing that I believe is very distinctive about my personality is that I’m always helping someone. It could be with close friends or someone that I just met and barely know. I’m a very good listener and I always have advice to give if anyone needs it. I can’t stand knowing and seeing someone deal with a problem on their own. Though I’m not sure who or where I got this trait from but I’ve always been the one to try and help. I’ve heard a lot of different issues from a lot of different people, some that make me want to tell them that I can’t help and to ask someone else but I know that I’ll never do that. Knowing some of the experiences people have gone through has made me a wiser person and also one who become more thankful. Thankful because I’m glad that I haven’t had to experience some of the life changing things others have had to go through. Wiser because I’m learning from those people the effect of certain things and although it’s not the same for me since I’m just hearing it, it’s enough for me to make better decisions and think about everything I do. No matter the situation I’ll always have open ears and advice to give when people are in need.

The career I would like to pursue kind of ties in with my personality. I would like to do something in the medical field, being in the medical field I would be able to physically help people and try to make their lives better. Other than that the only thing I really have figured out is that I want to also have a career that works with children. With that I at least know the direction I want to go in with my future career. I love working with kids I’ve been babysitting for family and family friends for a few years. Being around kids brings out the best in me I know how to communicate with them very well. Therefore being in the medical field would mean that I’d be able to help them when they’re sick, have an injury, or simply need a check-up. I’d have fun with my career and I’d be very passionate about what I’m doing. There would not be a day where I’d regret what I’m doing. Instead I’d be very happy knowing I’m helping a child as much as I possibly can to grow healthy and live a fun filled childhood.

The way I’ve been raised has led me to be the person that I am today and will be in the future. I’d be lying if I said that no one has influenced my life or my decisions. For example my career choice is primarily my choice but I was veered towards getting a further education and pursuing something that I would love doing the rest of my life. The one person that has had that biggest influence in my life has been my dad. He’s always been pushing me to do better and challenge myself. That itself has led me to try my best and strive for better. I never want to let my dad down after all he has done for me. He works at a factory so he has always been telling me “Take advantage of what you have, don’t take it for granted. All this education you’re receiving, don’t let it be a waste. You’ll end up being much happier doing something you love rather than working in a factory with horrible hours and barely ever seeing your family.” That made me realize that he was completely right. Now everything I do I make sure I try my best at it and I have my dad to thank for that.

My whole life I’ve been trusted and given the freedom to choose what I want to do. I never once took that for granted and even though I had that freedom I was still influenced to make better decisions. Without my family especially my dad I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I wouldn’t strive for better or be as open and helpful to others as much as I am. I like the person I’ve grown up to be and I like the decisions that I’m making for my future.

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