The Real You

January 23, 2012
By Anonymous

The mistakes that he has made will never define the person he really is. Thats how I know that this just can't be the real him, all of the fury, the wrong that he does. She would have never said "I do" if it weren't for extraordinary you. Daddy, don't you see? You are remarkable, indeed. The gold band that sits in your drawer, collecting dust, is only because you forgot how to show your lust. Where is that diamond ring that always shined ever so bright? Although lately she's been giving up, after he got into Coors Light. Bottle after bottle, I could count them all day. I mumble, "stop" under my breathe, and he goes, "honey, what did you say?" So I say it again, loud and clear, but I know that quitting this is his biggest fear. Thats okay, because I know this isn't the real you.

The author's comments:
Alright it's a little rough for my first piece, but I needed to vent-- My mom needs to see that that my dad isn't an alcoholic..Yes he drinks alcohol, but that doesn't make him an alcoholic. It just isn't who he is, it isn't what he really wants to be doing with his life. He wants to be in love again, and I believe in their love.

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