What To Do When You Lose Your Best Friend

January 20, 2012
By Morelle14 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Morelle14 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I moved to my house when I was 7, from a small apartment, approximately 15 minutes away. When I started my new school I was young, I had no fear. I had new friends, it was way before boys became mean. Soon I lost my first friend to popularity, but by then I had another best friend. Then, at the end of my 5th grade year, I got accepted into a new school my district was trying out. My best friend had not been accepted, so we parted ways (I will see her at the High School). Then, as a result of perfect planning, I got stuck with a person who I had previously hated because I thought she was trying to steal my friends. Turns out it was a big misunderstanding, we soon became best friends. After a year and a half of being best friends, a new person was played into the picture. Don't get me wrong, its not that she doesn't like me, no we are friends, but I began to feel like the third wheel. My best friend who we will call Jane began to spend a lot of time with the new girl. We will call the new girl Mary. Anyways, after a little while, I began to feel included again so things were good. Then after a misunderstanding in the fall, we became the Three Musketeers again. Soon though, as November rolled in, I began to feel left out, so instead of feeling bad for myself, I became friends with other girls, more popular girls. Soon though, she became mad because she thought I was abandoning her. Through a little talking she realized what I felt. Nothing changed. Now at the end of January, I am going to give you the best piece of advice I can, don't ditch her, make new friends. She may never talk to you the way she does the other girl, but its not your fault. Once I realized this I could change. Now at the bus stop which we all share, I don't stick around. I don't put myself in the position to get hurt. I leave, I just walk away. They may say wait, but don't look back, it wont change. Now as I'm sitting here writing this article, I will change, I will find another best friend. She may say that I am her best friend but in all reality, I am just a pit stop on the road in life, just as she is in mine. Out of all your friends you meet in life, only 10% of them will be lifelong friends. So, to the third wheel person, get more friends, but don't leave behind the old one. Or you can talk, it may work. To the other two people. Remember that there is another friend and that she is just as important as this one. Don't let her feel unwanted.

The author's comments:
This actually happened to me, I'm sad ): Any advice

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