scene from Twelve Years Old

January 14, 2012
By sabresadie GOLD, NRH, Texas
sabresadie GOLD, NRH, Texas
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[ It's 2011, 8:57 p.m. on a Friday night, and no one is tired. LEIGH BETH, SADIE, MAKAYLA, and HALAYNA squeeze onto one small couch in front of a television. ]

LEIGH BETH lets a fistful of stale popcorn fall from her palm.

LEIGH BETH: Do you like cheese?

MAKAYLA: rolling her eyes Uh, yes.


SADIE: You're crazy.

LEIGH BETH: True dat! she shoves what's left of the popcorn into her mouth.

MAKAYLA giggles before stealing the remote from HALAYNA.

HALAYNA: You suck.

MAKAYLA: Nuh-uh.

HALAYNA: Shut up.

LEIGH BETH stands and sets off towards the kitchen, but promptly trips over thin air.

SADIE: It takes skill to trip over flat surfaces. You have a lot of skill.

LEIGH BETH ignores her, stands up, and exits to the kitchen.

HALAYNA: I'm cold.

LEIGH BETH: from the kitchen Go get my Bieber blanket.


LEIGH BETH: Fine, dorkface. Get up and maybe I'll let you use this one. she reenters, a fluffy brown blanket over her like a cloak.

HALAYNA: I don't want that though. It's got your germs all over it.

LEIGH BETH collapses, rolling on the floor and dirtying the blanket. 

LEIGH BETH: How about now?

HALAYNA: Screw you.

SADIE: What do you want, then, princess?

MAKAYLA: to LEIGH BETH Get off the floor! Wait- popcorn!

SADIE: Pancakes!

LEIGH BETH: Pickles!

HALAYNA: Pringles!

LEIGH BETH: What the fluff?

MAKAYLA: No, seriously- she points to MRS. KEYE as she enters with another bowl of popcorn- Popcorn.

SADIE: Oh, I thought we were playing the alliteration game.

MRS. KEYE: What do you girls want to watch?

LEIGH BETH: Is there a movie called "Do You Like Cheese"?

MRS. KEYE: Uh, no.

LEIGH BETH: That sucks cheese.

MAKAYLA gasps, nearly dropping the remote.

MAKAYLA: I found you guys' movie!


MAKAYLA: Dumb and Dumber.

HALAYNA: I'm dumb.

SADIE: I'm dumber.

LEIGH BETH: I'm... wait, what am I?

MAKAYLA and HALAYNA: Irrelevant.

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