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A weird conversation

Hi. How are you today?
Leigh Beth: Do you like cheese?
Makayla: Uh, yes.
Leigh Beth: Good.
Sadie: You're messed up.
Leigh Beth: True dat!
Makayla: Heehee
Halayna: You suck.
Sadie&Makayla: Nuh-uh.
Halayna: Shut up.
Sadie: It takes skill to trip over flat surfaces. I have a lot of skill.
Halayna: I'm cold.
Leigh Beth: Go get my Justin blanket.
Halayna: No.
Leigh Beth: Fine, dorkface. Get up and maybe I'll let you use this.
Halayna: I don't want him.
Sadie: I am officially calling you a psycho.
Makayla: Get off the floor!
Sadie: Pancakes!
Leigh beth: Pickles!
Makayla: Popcorn!
Leigh Beth: What the fluff?
Makayla: No, seriously. Popcorn.
Sadie: Popcorn yaaaaah!
Mom: What do you girls want to watch?
Leigh Beth: Is there a movie called "I like cheese"?
Mom: Uh, no.
Leigh Beth; That sucks cheese.

You have just experienced an everyday conversation. Yeah. Welcome to my world.

it's pretty fun right?

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