How to Get a Guy

January 12, 2012
By PrincessEmma BRONZE, Beckville, Texas
PrincessEmma BRONZE, Beckville, Texas
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When all else fails, remain fabulous!

For some girls, it is hard to get a guys attention and make him both emotionally attached and physically attracted, but not for me. I got my first boyfriend when I was in the seventh grade. And he was head over heels from the moment we met. It’s all about self confidence. The more self confidence you have, the more attracted they are. A guy loves to see a beautiful, yet independent girl who can take up for herself.
Make yourself noticeable, but don’t make it too obvious. Guys love girls who are completely themselves. Don’t go out of your way to impress him. Make him make an effort to impress you. Make it known that you have potential to be with anyone you choose even if you really don’t. Fix your hair, do your make up, dress up occasionally, but don’t try too hard. After you’ve physically attracted him to you, you have to get him emotionally attached. But not too attached. You don’t want him following you around like a puppy dog. Make it known you’re just looking for a friend or at least at the beginning. Start with casual conversation. Let him flirt with you. Flirt back, let him know you’re interested, but also make it known that he has to really work for you. Once you’ve got your guy really interested and hooked on you, let him make the first move. Let him ask you out or hold your hand for the first time. Make sure you keep him interested too, though. Make him wonder, but let him know for sure that you’re into him. If you really like this guy, and he really likes you, these things are sure to make a healthy relationship. In the long run, he’ll still know that you’re confident about yourself and independent with what you do. It will always keep him on his toes and keep the relationship exciting and keep him wanting to do things to impress you.

I’ve been in and out of many relationships of my choice because I’ve followed these steps every time. Keep your head up, and go into everything with confidence from the inside, out!

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