Is their too much pressure on our kids now?

January 11, 2012
By SarahRose123 BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
SarahRose123 BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
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I woke up to the buzzing of my alarm clock blaring the same monotonous beep over and over in my ear. I opened my heavy eyes and stared at the ceiling. I felt sick, but I could not miss school. Too much work to do and what if I had a pop quiz. I got out of bed got dressed I went upstairs. I went over my schedule, "math homework, English paper, geography test..."

"Susan Jones did you hear my question?" Mrs. Smith yelled at me. She was my History teacher and the scariest in the school. She was known for her Pop quizzes and harsh grading. She always peered over her glasses at the students while she walked around the room. She glared at me, I had to remember my answer.

"Sorry, um 1871?" We had to memorize all these dates just to pass the next test. All the presidents of the US and when they were in office along with their Vice president Homework: English reading, math assignment, Band test...

"Susan, remember how many flats does this song have?" My music teacher looked at me from across the room, her blue eyes seemed so naive and innocent. Her name was miss Palmer my piano teacher. She was the best pianist of her age until she was blinded in a house explosion.. She could hear everything by ear.

"Sorry, 2 flats I forgot to play B and E." I was still trying to remember how to graph the cubed root function for math tomorrow. Would the Domain or Range be affected by it...

I opened the door and my food smelled delicious, but I turned away from it and walked towards my room I had to finish my homework....

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