A Snob? Or A Nerd?

January 8, 2012
By kscott BRONZE, Victoria, Other
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A snob or a nerd? Who do you think would win the fight? In every school on this planet, the rivalry between these two different cliques is endless. We fight to win a spot in either one of these sides, depending on who you are. As you may see yourself stuck in the middle of the rivalry, to them you are one or the other.

What is meant when snob is said, is your typical teenage girl. This certain type of breed is generally found in a hallway crowding themselves around other members of their pack. They normally depend on their elders to get through life. With perfect hair oozing with products, and clothes screaming EXPENSIVE, snobs need the comments of others to survive. They attack without notice, and they prey on the “less attractive” ones in their large tribe. They are the beasts of our beauty. From eating salads when others are around to constantly making that trip to Tim Horton’s, at least 3 times in one day. Snobs surprise us every day even when we don’t except such a thing. These so called beasts lack self confidence, so they hunt the weaker with verbal attacks and rumours. If we ever tried to take away one’s cell phones, we would be torn apart like a fresh zebra carcass in the hands of a starving lion. A Barbie is the common snob’s name, with the expected saying, “OMG, I broke a nail!” Yeah, you didn’t expect that did you?

Now, for the more peaceful creature in the jungle; the nerd. These are the species to become prey of the snobs. Nerds can be sensitive; lacking in coordination, not popular, but have enough confidence so they don’t have to announce it to the world. They are the quiet gazelles of the high school jungle. Just like your every day snob, nerds also care about what people think. However, they don’t let it affect how they act by changing themselves to fit in. You can generally find nerds acting a little off and being way “out there.” We typically see nerds trying to swim for air, through others laughter. Unlike the snobs nerds can sometimes be heard snorting when something funny is said or done. It’s incredibly annoying, if done loudly. Doctors recommend you consult your local clinic to get your hearing checked; the snorting sound may have caused slight damage. Nerds do NOT need their peers to continuously reassure them of how awesomely amazing they are, because they generally have more self confidence then the snobs. They will continue to gallop through the grass until they are spotted.

Both of these groups are in fact, despite popular belief, from the same planet, (hopefully.) In most cases they are both human, and both make humanly mistakes. They both have their own bubble of friends which they feel comfortable with, and both have the people they would rather push into a hole full of fire. Each of these groups tend to focus more on themselves than others, and slightly resentful of the other. Though they show their emotions in different ways, they still have and live with the same ones. Though the rivalry will never end, it doesn’t matter what we try to do to fix these social issues. You can’t just get rid of a sticky piece of gum stuck to your shoe, you must wet it down and slowly take something to it to release it, and then gently pull it off.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for an English assignment. I think this can relate to a lot of teens!

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