January 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Leesa, you were/are my best friend. I'm sorry i couldnt protect you well enough even after i promised id never lose you again. Im sorry that i didnt talk to you the day we made up, the last words you heard from me never should have been in a text. I love you, and i miss you dearly. This is still all my fault. I'm sorry i wasnt here for you enough. I'm so sorry Lee, i'd give up forever for you to be alive again. Why you always say you wanted to die? The last time i heard you say that there WAS a not in front of it, so why did you ride your bike in front of that car? I miss you so god damned much. You were my everything and without you...its been 9 months of hell and depression. I love you, i promise ill write you something better. Cross my heart hope to die. youre the closest ive ever had to a sis.
i love you, rip.

The author's comments:
Cross my heart...

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