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January 11, 2012
By britbrat BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
britbrat BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
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I have gone on one with this guy I was dating and he took me out to a very nice restaurant and he was being a gentlemen. He pulled out my chair and we talked about what is going on in our lives. He was helping me with my problems and he was being supportive about what I thought he should do. We sat and talk about a lot of things that night, we even told some jokes to each other and we had fun. But before the night was finished we sat and watched the sun go down. When we came back from all the fun we had good time, he came in and talked to my parents and we all had fun telling all our stories and joking around, but then my dad started asking my boyfriend questions and it was kind of funny because he looked nervous. But he gave the truth and that is what I liked about him. We went up into my bedroom and he looked at all the pictures I had with me and my family, he told me that I’m very family oriented but I know that I’m not that much anymore.

The author's comments:
this happen when i was 16 and it changed how i look at guys

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