King Slice for a Low Price

January 12, 2012
By Sreszotko BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Sreszotko BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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I wake up on Sundays awaiting my dad’s request to accompany him at Mr. Allison’s. Mr. A’s gives my father and I a place to watch NFL football, place for our quality father-son time, and a place with tremendous food. Mr. A’s being within ten minutes of our house makes it really easy for us to go and not use too much gas. It is located right across from Melas Park off of central road in the northwest suburbs of Mount Prospect. When I first get there I notice how bright the restaurant is and the fresh smell of French toast and eggs. You also hear the loud sounds of forks and knives hitting the plates and a several people talking about their week or the football game. The atmosphere gives off a very friendly vibe, which makes you feel at home. The thing I enjoy most about Mr. A’s is the fact that it is not a chain restaurant, making it extremely unique, and the employees show you warmth and are respectful to you. The tables of Mr. A’s have an old style diner look and a high bar with twistable seats. Choosing what food to get at Mr. A’s is extremely hard task due to the low prices and the fantastic food. One thing that they are known for is their giant piece of ham that is in a huge circular shape covered in grease. It truly is indescribable but, personally, I prefer the number three which includes three French toasts smothered in cinnamon and powdered sugar, two eggs cooked to your liking, three pieces of bacon with a considerable amount of syrup, and a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Before I take my first bite I am just in awe at how great the food looks. They make it look so appetizing by presenting the food in such an organized way, and the scent of the food is so overwhelmingly tremendous. Finally, I get to take my first bite, which is so breath taking and mind-blowing. The strong taste of apple wood smoked bacon fills my salivating mouth with the mixture of cheesy scrambled eggs. It is a taste that is so unique from others, and no matter how hungry I am, Mr. A’s always seems to do the trick for me. However, I always try to save room for their delicious chocolate shake. Then, I wait until next Sunday and repeat the visit to Mr. A’s all over again.

The author's comments:
Our teacher gave us an assignment to write about where you would take someone if they have never been to your town or the United States.

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