lil bossie

January 6, 2012
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Lil boosie is one of the realist rapper. He never talk about things he never did before.Lil boosie always rap about his true life story that he lived. And he also never changes up his lifestyle no matter how much of money he was making. And lil boosie always stick to the hood he from and lil boosie also looked out for his group name trill Fam.Lil boosie also still hold it down for his brother Lil Ivy.Lil boosie grew up in a poor neighborhood of baton rouge he had meet a dude name c-loc and started working with his group name concentration camp and made a album with c-locs. From their boosie had got a deal then lil boosie drop ghetto stories album also drop gangsta music album. Later in the year of 2010 lil boosie had got charge with first degree murder of a boy name terry Boyd lil boosie also got charge for many other things. Later in June lil boosie plea guilty on some of his other charges that he got locked up for. On June the 28 lil boosie beat the charge of the murder of terry Boyd. Later on in November28 of 2011 lil boosie had got sentenced to eight years in the state prison for several other cases.lil boosie also got a wife name walnita decuir hatch and they also got three kids together.

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