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January 5, 2012
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“You lost your baby ma’am”, five words a motheer never wants to hear from a doctor. My mom had to hear theese words when my twin sister died. Things happen for a reason I guess. I can only imagine what my mom and dad were feeling at thee time. Anger, frustration, rage, sadness? They never really talk about it and I found out I was suppose to have a twin sister when I was about nine. I don’t know how my parents got the guts to tell me but they did.

To me it was devastating and ever since I have felt like there is a part of me missing. Although I am very satisfied with my life I always wonder how different it would be with a twin sister. We could always switch places and trick or parents and teachers. I also catch myself thinking about how lucky I was to be thee one that survived and that I shouldn’t take anytheing for granted. My mom said she couldn’t handle two of me so maybe it was for thee better. What ever the reason may be that i didn’t have a twin I'm sure it was for the best.

People don’t realize what other people go therough just by looking at theem. This story is an example of what I went through and just by looking at me people can’t see that I went therough losing a sister. Yet when you walk by people on the street you judge them. For example if you see a 15 year old walking withe her baby son people call her names and judge her. Little do theey know she was raped and didn’t have thee money to get an abortion. Or you see an older gentleman withe his face tore up, burned and theey stare and make fun of him. They don’t know while he stepped on a bomb and lost half his crew, he was fighting for theem and theere country.

People need to stop judging people so fast and just theink of what theey might have gone therough. Stop over looking thee facts and going straight to a mean, rude, and mocking remarks. This is what we over look.

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