Good Times With Mom ?

December 2, 2011
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The adrenaline is rushing through my veins, people are honking so I got back in the car as fast as I could. I have no idea why my mom wanted us to do such a crazy thing all I know is that it was fun. My friends and I had just ran around my mom’s car at a red light. My mom told us to run around the car and get right back in before the green light. I have no idea where my mom gets ideas like this. My mom has influenced my life in so many special ways. First, she has always been an amazing parent and she has always been there for me. Next, she is very funny and tries to embarrass me in public. Finally, she taught me all that I know about sports.

Firstly, she is a great parent. My mom always pushes me in school so I can get the best grades possible. Also, she never forces me to do something she knows that I can’t do. My mom also gives me a lot of slack because I make plenty of mistakes in school but she still lets me hang out with my friends. For example, my mom knows that I can do the assignments for honors english, so she makes me do it, even though she knows that I don’t want to do them. Finally, she always knows what is best for me and that is what makes her such a great parent.

Next, my mom has a great sense of humor.She may embarrass me in public from time to time but at least she knows how to make me laugh. For example, when I get out of the car at school she yells to me " I love you honey "so everyone around can hear. Also, in the summer time while I am sitting in the front seat she rolls down all the windows in the car and plays christmas CD’s at full volume. It can be funny until strangers start to look at you like you are an idiot. My mom is always funny around my friends. The other day my mom was driving home with me and three of my friends and she tells all of us"let's do a Chinese fire drill !" so we get out of the car,run around and get back in before the light turns green. I have never seen a mother that is so crazy. But we all did, we ran around the car and made it just in time. We may have looked a little stupid, but it was fun. My mom knows that I can be a shy person, but she pushes me to be more open and humorous and to take her attempts to embarrass me less seriously and to just laugh about it.

Finally, my mom has taught me all I know about all sports. One day I was watching a football game with her when I was younger and I asked one question about it and she began to explain all of the rules to me in full detail. The same thing happened with basketball. I think she learned all this from her dad, my grandfather, who was a 6 foot 6 basketball player. My mom would take me down to the park when I was in 4th and 5th grade and teach me how to shoot a basketball and how to throw and catch a football and a baseball. I always loved to watch sports and my favorite teams were only allowed to be her favorites, the Boston teams. My mom was born near Boston and she loves all those teams. The Patriots for football, the Red Sox for baseball, and the Celtics for basketball. Those were the only teams I was allowed to be a fan of. At least they are all good.

My mom has changed my life and has been the best person I could ever want. She has always known what is wrong and right and if I ever had anything to ask her she would always be truthful. That is why she is such an important person in my life.

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