Loser Like You

December 1, 2011
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In a movie the background music sets the mood for the scene. If life had background music mine would flit from song to song on a moments notice. Once I thought I was in love, that lasted long. Every time I would see him "Amazed" by Lone Star stared playing in my head. Then after a few months of infatuation I ended it, after that "Picture To Burn" was my theme. After that I wrote off boys in general. Then my best guy friend said he liked me. So even though he had a girl friend, not advisable, we were inseparable. My song was then "I'm Not That Girl". I went through depression, crap with boys, losing friends, and fighting with parents and every single time something happened my song changed. Now, however, it is pretty much stuck on "Loser Like Me". Music changes as feelings do. I think my song just changed again.......

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