Cooking with Mimi

My favorite food is definitely key lime pie no questions asked. When I was 6 my grandma (Mimi) and I made key lime pie for desert. It was the best but there was also a tragedy that happened to it. Mimi and I cooked together all the time. We cooked almost every dinner together. So we were making it for desert on Thanksgiving Day and of course we were rushing. Everybody was going to be at our house in about 3 hours so that’s how long we had to go to the store, get the stuff, and make it. Only about 30 minutes of time was killed at the grocery store. “We are making great time” Mimi said with a smile as big as Texas on her face.

Once we got home and had everything out of the car and on the counter we were ready to cook with about 2 hours and 20 minutes left. Since we were making such good time we decided to make 2 pies instead of just 1. Mimi was a wiz in the kitchen and she knew the recipe by heart maybe because its been in her family for 30 years now. She was so fast I didn’t even really have to help except I had to hand her stuff she needed. We were almost done, all we had to do was put the whip cream on top and just like that it was finished. This was definitely the best memory we will ever have together we said.

Mimi and I went into the living room to get everybody to show them our masterpiece, but when we walked into the kitchen with everybody the pies were face down on the ground with key lime pie all over my little 2 year old brother (Tyler). Tyler had it all around his mouth and when we looked at him he smiled and licked his lips and said “it tastes good”. It was tragic I looked all over the room and of course I saw Mimi laughing. My grandpa (Big daddy) told us all not to worry that he would go to Publix and get us a key lime pie for a replacement.

It all turned out good and of course Mimi put the 2 key lime pies that fell on the floor out on the table just for a good laugh. Now whenever I go to Leesburg (which is where my dad and big daddy live) or our family gets together we have key lime pie from Publix. My Mimi passed away about 6 months ago and when we had her funeral we had key lime pie there of course. Whenever I see, smell, or hear key lime pie I think of Mimi, which to me is the best way to remember the best person in the world.

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