Rain Rain come again!

December 31, 2011
By FairyTale BRONZE, Jaipur, Other
FairyTale BRONZE, Jaipur, Other
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"Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love" - Albert Einstein

A slight drizzling rain, a window side with a book and a coffee(and yeah silence).
Ideal conditions to ponder on things you have never thought about before.. I have always believed that rain has a way of making things happen... a quiet magic of its own. Everything whether trees, sky or air itself appears tenfold more prettier than previously. You can just spend hours and hours imagining shapes made by moving trees, cupping rainwater in your hand or just watching the miracle of nature unfold itself.

Okay, before you begin thinking this is some essay on rain or something, I would like to make it clear that its nothing like that. The point of this post is not appreciating the beauty of rain but to appreciate the life itself. These simple pleasures in life are what that make life happening or worth living around. The time we spend in solitude (do not confuse it with loneliness!!!) with ourselves has a potential far above anything else. It has a potential to give us direction in life, potential to seek what we truly want, potential to provide us the answers that nobody could and also the potential to tell us where we went wrong!

We are the makers of our destiny and the immense strength required for the purpose comes from inside ourselves and its for discovering that huge dormant volcano of strength, that spending time alone in a soothing atmosphere is somewhat necessary because sometimes no one can understand you better than yourself. Imagine, if Newton had been sitting in a market or a crowded street while that apple fell on him, would he have ever discovered the laws of gravitation? It was the peace and quiet and the time he spent with himself that enabled him to make such splendid discoveries that nobody in modern or for ages ahead, in fact will be able to forget him.

Most of our problems are generally rooted within ourselves. It depends on us to overcome our difficulties and our own fears to give way to hope and success. So just give yourself a chance to discover yourself and you will find world becomes brighter and better by the second. After all you will have such a dependable and wise friend to guide you (no,i don't mean me... your best friend is you yourself!)

Just a thought while watching rain falling quietly by my window.. it's beautiful indeed! : )

The author's comments:
I have always loved rains..Its something that has never failed to inspire me, make me happy and let that little child in me come to life once again!

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