December 20, 2011
By Anonymous

You are not even an inch of a man, you don't even deserve a name of your own, you b****** should hide cause the garbage collector is soon to arrive. You touched me and rubbed me and took advantage of me, my naivety, my love, my silence, my fears, my childhood. You were part of my family f***ing idiot. How could you do that to me? i was young and i trust you. you are a disgraceful sick man, if you can be called that, you were the reason to my dark years, you're actions Extinguished the light of my heart and ignite a flame of sadness, deception, fear and doubts that grew every year stronger until i blurted out. Today i dare you BECAUSE YOU WONT PUT A FINGER ON ME ONE MORE TIME. I'M ON GUARD NOW, no one will ever touch me without my consent one more time. And today i dare you to look me in the eyes because with just one look of them you'll walk out in fear and you will never come back b****** cause now i am strong, i will fight next time, i will fight for me, for my dignity, for the light on my heart, today, at last i stand up and shake up all the dirt of my heart, all the fear and deception and start all over, the day will come when ill be just fine. in the meanwhile i grow stronger cause no b****** like you will ever touch me now.

The author's comments:
When i was younger my cousin took advantage of me and it really change the road of my life i fell in a dark place but i am coming back.

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