December 18, 2011
By Andromeda GOLD, Wichita Falls, Texas
Andromeda GOLD, Wichita Falls, Texas
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"You don't have time for self-doubt. Self-doubt hinders your ability to write and all writers experience it anyway. You just need confidence in your own ability." -CarrieAnn13

The stars are gone. I look up at the sky and all the hope leaves me. The infinite number of stars have disappeared. All the dreams have left and lost hope. The beautiful shining stars have become a thing of the past and the few that are still there are being outshined by the artificial light that make night what it was never supposed to be, bright. I glance up at the dark clouded sky and think to myself, with the loss of things, there will always be a new beginning. I just wish for once my new beginning didn’t start with a broken heart. I hear him kiss her and I crash. I have to get back up but I can’t. I fell so far that I am embedded in the grass I once wished to lay on with you. And now I have fallen from the star I wished to create and you are still up there with her, shining bright, depending on each other, creating the brightest stars that cannot be outshined by even the most wishful thought of mine.

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All of these journal entries are about the same boy.

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