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December 18, 2011
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The warm, humid air blows my hair back and travels up my nose clearing my head. The pool is empty and the water untouched. The gentle fall of the water down the drain reminds me of the gentle push of the tides on a rocky beach. I quickly strip and pull up my suit and feel the smooth tightness of lycra. The pool’s glassy surface draws me in and when I slide in the pool begins to ripple in perfect circles. The freezing water sends shivers through my entire body, but I don’t get out because I can’t, the water is calling to me, ready to swallow me. I let go of the wall, my only hold on the world but I welcome the release, I’m so tired. I sink and my head disappears. I am consumed by the water, lost to the world, searching for answers. When my air finally runs out I may come to the surface if I can find what I’m looking for or somebody will pull me up if they care enough to search for me after I’ve given my all searching for them.

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