My Nightmare

December 16, 2011
Okay this is just a subject that I had on my mind today Sunday, July 31, 2011. Last night my dream was startling (I might have spelt that wrong) and um a little unsettling. Let me explain:

In the dream I was myself and I was staying where I used to stay on hwy 27 in the country (some of you know this place some might not). I was waiting on the bus when a guy from the school pulled up and I thought he was really nice (but looks can be deceiving is the word for this story), anyway what happened was we rode through a blurry part then it cleared up and I was at his friends house he told me to wait in the car and when he came back he had like 3 other guys with him they got in the car he started to touch me and he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, I started to become scared. I looked out my window and people were coming outside the friends' neighboors, they were watching me and I could hear their thoughts willing me to jump out of the car, but I didnt, I stayed and we drove off. I started to question him on things like why his friends were with us this is what he said, "I told _______ that I would gang you" and he laughed in my face.... The first thing I thought of was not to scream or get out of the car but that I would be late for school...I don't remeber what happened after that but fastforward the dream and I was a 23 year old prostitute and I was stepping on those corners for him and my thoughts were the same, not of leaving him or running away from him but being late for my spot on the corner.

I woke up crying last night not because I was being ganged or becuase I was a prostitute, but because I was late for school and a spot on the corner. I can't help thinking why, Why didn't that bother me, Why didn't I get out of the car or run, why did I sit there and take it, why? It truly Freaks me out when I have dreams like these, and even though its not real the tears and pain were.

Thanks for reading my nightmare. Please answer my questions' if you think you know the answer.

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