Darth Vader at the Gas Station with my Cola

December 15, 2011
By , Sedan, KS
I wake up one fine Saturday morning only to feel a gut wrenching headache, and yes I do mean a gut wrenching headache. I had no knowledge of the night before. The only thing I did know was that I had work in 10 minutes. Without hesitation I jumped out of bed, ran to my car, and noticed that I was on empty. I didn’t have nearly enough gas to make it to where I work. I took a trip to the gas station.
My day already sucked because I had a headache but Darth Vader was working today. She was a cashier that I didn’t like so much, which yes she happened to have a very deep voice. As I pulled in to get gas she was outside having a smoke like usual.
I walked inside to pay and she looked at me (she said “Oh look it’s Luke Skywalker coming to save the day.” I replied “Shut up!’ At that point she whipped out her light saber and started swinging.) Oh wait that was just in my head, she sounds like Darth Vader so much I had a hallucination.
I quietly and calmly walked inside as she puffed her death stick and polluted the air and obviously her lungs. I made my way calmly and quietly to the coke fridge. I grabbed a most delicious looking cola. As I go to pay I notice that Darth Vader was the only cashier. Before I could even sit the cola on the counter she blurted out my total.
Once I paid and got my change back I took up my beverage, opened it, and while staring straight into her face I took the slowest but most satisfying drink anyone can ever imagine. I don’t know what point I was trying to prove but I felt rather justified and happy.

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