Spanish Project

December 14, 2011
By JemMo BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
JemMo BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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Last year I had a Spanish project for Sra.Banton. I was partners with Mikey and TJ. We went to Mikeys after school to do it. Tjs cousin Jamell came too and so did Mikeys friend Emily. The project was on exercise and we needed to have a movie for it. We went to Mikeys house and started planning. That was the first time I met his mom, but his dad remembered me from playing basketball over there before. When we had the idea of what we were going to do, we went outside to start filming. Since Mikey, TJ, and I were the ones who had the project, Emily recorded it and Jamell held the note cards because he has really long arms. We had to motion the exercises we were doing which looked really goofy. One of the exercises we picked was boxing and since Mikey had gloves we actually boxed for the project. TJ and I boxed but neither of us swung for each others faces so it turned out looking “soft”. Then Mikey and Jamell boxed (Senora didn’t play this for the class, she said she didn’t want to show Mikey killing that “man”). It was awesome. Jamell is huge; he’s about 6’4 and has floppy dreds, while Mikey is only about five foot ten. Jamell had a LOT of reach on Mikey, but Mikey had more experience so it turned out pretty even. That was the first time I’d seen two big black kids go at it, which was pretty cool. All in all, The project was insanely fun and probably the best homework assignment I’ve ever had.

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