The teen's driving tip book: driver types

December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

The road is an interesting puzzle where no matter how much experience you have behind the wheel, every drive is just a little bit different. I’ve been driving for around a year and it’s clear that there’s a wide variety of driver types. Everyone from the speed demons to the old people and the truck drivers all the way down to the jerks, the roads are a place where you always need to be aware of your surroundings, so here’s a couple tips I’ve picked up so far along the way.

Every experienced driver has been around speed demons, they’re the one who push the speed limits and are zipping and zapping through lanes like a lightning bolt. Sometimes they’re a blessing because everyone knows when you’re next to them, you can pick up the pace a bit as well and you won’t be the one pulled over since the roadrunner is going much faster. Be on the lookout for these bats out of hell because they can change a drive and make boring 30 minute drive a much quicker dash.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the driver’s worst nightmare, the grandpas and grandmas, the senior citizens of the road. Believe me they’re going as slow as the year they were born (i.e. 32) If you ever catch yourself behind one of them it’s like a slow painful death full of agony. These are the kinds of drivers who travel in old Cadillacs and drive slow in the fast lane. I highly recommend that if you find yourself around one of these guys, do not be afraid to accelerate a little and pass them up. Just be cautious as you whip around them, you don’t want to cause an accident now even if George Washington is going 5 miles below the speed limit.

Now on every major highway in the United States, there’s always an 18-wheeler hauling a load nearby. These big carriers are like the Shaquille O’Neals of the road. They’re slow and take up a lot of space. I have had a couple close calls with truckers because trust me new drivers, when they want to switch lanes they’ll switch lanes and they do not care who’s in the way. These big diesel engines can also fling up some sharp little rocks at very fast speeds damaging your windshield! It’s best to move around these vehicles as safely and quickly as possible because of these very noticeable reasons.

And last but defiantly not least there are the jerks of the road, my biggest peeve. These are the “run you off the road” kind of people who are responsible for thousands of accidents across the world every year. However, if you ask them it’s NEVER their fault. If you cross paths with one of these people who’ll speed up just to get in front of you, and then slow down (the whole time failing to use their turn signals), congrats on meeting one of the many jerks of the road. Please do not become one of them.

So there you have it new drivers, the four most unique types of drivers you’ll ever encounter. On the mean labyrinth known as the roads. The many personalities of other drivers cause you, the defensive driver, to analyze and respond to the situations presented your direction. Remember to use your signals, check your blind spots and buckle up!

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because there are many horrible drivers and I would hate to be one of them.

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