The Essay Block

December 10, 2011
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How can I stop thinking and start writing? For months now I had been thinking how to write the perfect essay. Where should I get a title? How should I set the outline to remember my ideas, something that will crap my reader’s attention from beginning to end.

Is writing an essay really all that hard? Well I figure that if I can’t really come up with an actual title I can describe how I am feeling right now, suffering from writing blocks which are getting more common with me. I wish to have an inspiration, a title that will intrigue my readers, that will feed them so they can continue on reading and don’t switch the page, something that will exited then till the conclusion. Wishing I can sit on my table, open my laptop with a cup of coffee by my side and start getting ideas for an essay or at least article, but just write something.

This instinct of wanting to have something done on a paper at least something I can crap later and fix it, is really making me nervous. I never thought I will go through writer’s block so young or at least not until I will finish my education on freelance writer. The essay that will scale me to the top, where it will get positive comments from readers, the essay that will get the attention from magazine’s editor, where it can be read by professionals. By writing this letter I am really hoping I can come up for an idea to write an essay or an article, right now I am suffering from this writer’s block that is taking away my desire of wanting to continue writing. At the end this is what I love to do but I am good? Is the desire to success good enough?

It is 5:48PM and trusts me by now I understand that life is a balance of emotions that comes on hand with learning because everything that happens to us is for a reason and we are supposed to learn from those. I understand that writing not just an essay takes skill, courage, persistence and I am willing to learn everything there is. But the big question is where to start? How can I get over this writing block? Sometimes just looking at my paper sitting there, blank with nothing in it made me feel really discouraged because I do believe I can write but it is that enough? I wish I can go to a real college and learn everything there is to learn and get publish just to prove to myself that I can and if I had what it takes to be a writer.

I do believe that no matter how bad you are on something if you keep trying you may get it. Should I keep writing then? Yes, because just writing is how you can find if that’s what you really want on life and maybe someday when you are head it to college you will get your diploma and be a professional on what you truly love doing. Write because you love it, write because you know it, is inside of you, come on…write it.

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vetenari said...
Jan. 7, 2012 at 10:22 pm
I totally understand your frustration with writer's block... Is it more that you can't find a subject or that choosing your words doesn't flow as quickly as you like? If it's the second, I may have a suggestion. Even with my minimal Spanish, if I can switch which language I'm thinking in it sometimes helps me. If your problems are more topic-centered, maybe the challenges of writing in a second language could be the focus of your first essay. Good luck!
Bambi67 replied...
Jan. 10, 2012 at 12:59 pm
thanks for your time =)
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