December 9, 2011
By , dallas, TX
Stop Hurting people.

Bullying now a days is getting out of control especially with teens at school. Its getting to a point where a student commits suicide because they can’t take that pain of being laughed at or tortured anymore. Bullying now a days has changed its for form from physical and verbal bullying to cyber and many other bullying. Verbal and physical bullying to me personally is the most ominous ones, both of them can take an innocent life. I don’t get why someone wants to get other peoples feeling hurt when they know they don't want to be hurt. If you are getting bullied the way to solve it is not revenge. It can ending up hurting many other innocents. Speak up if you are getting bullied. Go talk to an adult or a someone you feel comfortable talking to. Don’t keep it to yourselves.

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