December 15, 2011
By AlyssaLynn SILVER, Kelowna, Other
AlyssaLynn SILVER, Kelowna, Other
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"Find the rythm in your life and celebrate it." -Robert Bruce Castle
"When you feel the brush of wind on your face, think of me and know I'll be with you always." -Robert Bruce Castle

I'm falling. I do not know which way is up or down, nor do I know whether or not this fall will end in fatality. I feel my arms and legs go numb, my fingertips begin to fade. My soul, carried in the breeze fabricated by my very mind. But my body is plummeting into nothingness. I no longer know who I am, or remember who I used to be. My life before this moment is a blur...

More nothingness.

I experience feelings of dread, fear, worry, and nausea, but, more than anything confusion. Why me? When did I become a target for mind games like these? And why am I seemingly alright with the idea of this absurd jest?

Have you ever fallen, might I ask? Have you ever felt the darkness of the abyss, the cradle of your imagination? Your body enveloped by the very thoughts that tease? Have you ever been scared? Your mind entrapped in a web of uncertainty? Of have you ever trusted someone with your very soul? A sacrifice. A blessing. A burden.

I have fallen and still fall today before the world and need not know why. For words, straight from the devil's lips to my ears, have captured me. These words are misleading, yet comforting, and for a brief second, as I fall, I feel at ease.
The numbness of my limbs, and the vacancy once belonging to my extremities, calm the ever pounding beat of my chest to ones of a lovely rock ballad. I dream of how this may evolve; I hope for a storybook ending.

This once horrid reminder of my detachment to attachments awakens me. THUMP! I've hit solid ground once again. My fingers and toes have returned to their fleshy holsters, and my mind no longer wanders. I stare into the face of a man... And what a glorious man indeed! The numbness turns to butterflies as I gaze into the eyes of my captor.

These eyes, eyes that reel me in and throw me out to sea where I shall be lost forever, are also eyes that keep me safe and grounded. Their bright blue intensity sends chills up my spine and warms my heart just the same. And, as I stare, I see for the first time, and think...

"If seeing isn't believing than I must be blind. Because all I see and believe is you and me; together in each other's company for eternity. And, to me, Baby, that seems really fine."

Oh, these eyes speak a thousand words, but none like those lips. Words that tangle me, yet set me free once they've had their taste. These eyes could be the life and death of me if not for those lips.

A smile arises from the fiendish pink fleshes who so softly spoke the prediction of my future. I feel them touch mine and my life is decided. They tickle my skin, and breathe softly, coaxing me to repeat the newly found courageous words. I can feel my body reverting back to nothingness, a familiar state. However, I fail to fall. Those eyes and lips grab onto me with a warming sense of certainty. I open my mouth, and with it, give my heart and soul.

"I love you"

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece after my boyfriend first told me he loved me. This poem describes the emotional process I endured throughout those terrifying 30 seconds

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