December 7, 2011
By FreedomOfMe12 BRONZE, Shiocton, Wisconsin
FreedomOfMe12 BRONZE, Shiocton, Wisconsin
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One Cannot set to new shores unless they leave the old ones behind.

As the loud roar of the day turns to an easy dull sound that fades in the distance, the day is coming to and end. Everyone is leaving the city to alas let it sleep in the silence of the streets. As the last of the workers head out of the city the sun slowly fades over the horizon with them, leaving only the buildings and the papers inside to dwell until tomorrow. The city is a place where darkness is not wanted, and therefore pushed away in hopes for it to never return. All this is thanks to the artificial lamps that slowly flicker on to create a dull light to push away the black curtain from the sky.

However this is not a time to just let the city itself be silent and still. No, it is a time for the nightlife to spark a new flame. This time is perfect for romantic walks, the party atmosphere, and some crazy doings. All in all it is a time when the lights truly shine, and a perfect opportunity for you to create an entirely different look on the city, others around you, and yourself. So who shall you become under the dusty glow of those streetlights, or the vast array of neon fluorescent lights in the room? Are the people you see during this time truly how you view them? Is that person on that dirty street corner actually there? Is that favorite night hangout place really all that great? Are you truly you and is this place truly that?

Lights! They alone can create a vast series of illusions and changes. These lights are said to protect you from the darkness and dangers that it alone brings with. Are these lights truly protecting us though? Or are they creating just one more illusion for the world to see? As the lights slowly change from a dull orange to a bright artificial glow, faces also change from lifelike to artificial. These lights show all your imperfections in not only yourself, but also the world as well. Therefore, we try to cover up these imperfections and blend them into our normal selves in hopes that the world won’t see them.

Life is all about the Lights! Where they are, who is under them, are you under them, and what you are doing under them. For lights isn’t that all that we truly see after the true light fades slowly over the horizon? We see lights in people’s attitude, behavior, appearance, and the city itself. So why do we require such a vast sea of them? Are all of the lights really necessary? Let us forget the lights, and all the cover ups they bring with them. Let us truly be who we are regardless of fear and judgment. Alas let us blow them out, flip the switch, and power down for only darkness can come. Yet we shall not stay in darkness, because along with this comes the stars, and their lights that shine down upon us.

The author's comments:
Find yourself, Be who you are, Ignore what is the normal.

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