Please, Just Get Me Out Of Here

December 7, 2011
By sweetness78 SILVER, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
sweetness78 SILVER, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Keys click rapidly to my left. I glance quickly to my right, too shy to risk making eye-contact. I think it's that Asian kid who was suspended for bringing a paintball gun to school. Five extremely disruptive teenage girls "whisper" in the background. I glance back over to Asian Kid. This guy's head is way too big to be his. Definitely not Asian Kid. Those stupid, obnoxious colored, inspirational posters are hung above book shelves. "A book is a dream that you hold in your hands!" and "Once you begin to read, you begin to be free!" My favorite one is hanging above the Science Fiction section. Yoda, the coolest, tiniest little green man I will never meet, is standing atop a pile a books. The caption at the bottom says "Your studies are the key to unlocking your destiny, young Jedi!" I hate them all. Smells of mildewing paper and various wafts child-stink fill my nostrils with every sickening breath. Lazy student library assistants check their Facebooks behind me, with their never-hindered, too-adored-by-teachers-to-care-about-my-job attitudes filling my brain with strong desires to throw tables. A book entitled "GOTH" is resting on the desk in front of me. "Only in this school...", I think to myself. The Obnoxious Five laugh loudly behind me, playing hide and seek between shelves. Oh table, how I want to throw you. On the north wall, someone has stuck a paper Hawaiian flower on the Superman mural. The pretty pink flower is stuck right over his crotch. Lovely. I slide my phone ever-so-gracefully out from under my keyboard. One of the perks of being a "Type Dork". (The label doesn't even make sense. I write, not type. God I hate people.) I know every good place to hide my phone in the library. I look down, check my messages, and see my mother's attempt to save me. "On my way 2 get u". "THANK GOD!" I nearly scream. Get me out of this hell hole.

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