November 27, 2011
I love him. No dount about it. My only problem was that I don't want my heart brocken again so I am afraid to say it back. Yes, it is true we kiss and all but I can't say it and if I don't say it then he may get mad.

At school, he hugged me then we kissed thats when he said it. He looked so expectant and I felt so bad. All I could do with being so sad and scared about saying it was kiss him. He says it sometimes and Im afraid to get my heart broken again. I love him like..... he is my other half. When I see him he makes me feel complete, like there is no one else is there. I want him to understand but I dont know what to tell him. Please leave comments. This is my first piece and it is based on me and my boyfriend. Thanks!!!!

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CeceE14 said...
Mar. 11, 2015 at 9:59 pm
This is going to sound really motherly and stuff, and I'm only 12... but you should follow what you think is best. If he broke your heart before, maybe you deserve better. However, don't do NOTHING because you're scared of a broken heart. Go for it, if you really feel the wrds. Never forget how much weight they have: "I love you"
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