that ewwey goey summer

November 28, 2011
By Anonymous

“It’s so hot out!”My friend Izzy said as we were sitting in ceramics

We were so bored so we started playing with a plastic fish that we called duck. We were playing a rousing game of pass the fish named duck we were getting more bored by the minute. Then she did it! Izzy threw duck into a big vat of ewwy gooey clay that had been sitting out in the sun the whole morning.
“I’m not getting that,” she said.

“There is no way I will get that, you threw it in!” I said.

In the end I ended up getting it because I owed her a dollar. If you ask me finding duck wasn’t worth going in that icky mess but I went up to the vat and I just stared at it for a while until Izzy said “if you don’t stick your hand in there and find duck, your going in too”.
Of course I thought she was kidding until she came up behind me real sneaky like and pushed me in the bucket I immerged out of the goop covered head to toe with grossness.
“Ewhh, you look horrible” said Izzy.
As the goop was hardening, I was trying to fight back laughter but I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I explode with laughter I was literally bouncing off the walls and before I knew it Izzy was too.
When we finally calmed down we still hadn’t gotten duck out of the big mess of goop
“Your already covered with it you should go and get duck” Izzy said
“Fine but come I want to show you something “I said
Little did she know that I was planning to push her in as we walked up to the bucket
Izzy said “where is duck?”
Then I pushed her in. She came out covered in the stuff then the laughter just rolled out of us and for the rest of the day we just couldn’t stop laughing.
And to this day duck the fish may still be sitting in the big vat of ewwy gooey grossness .


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