Karma Hula Hoop

November 23, 2011
By jade-o BRONZE, St Johns, Florida
jade-o BRONZE, St Johns, Florida
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I used to be one of those people that bully others for no reason at all. Like what someone looks like, how they dress, or sometimes even just for fun. I never realized how much it hurts people or how much pain and fear it puts them in until I moved to a new school.

It was my first day and I didn't know anybody. Since I was the new kid, nobody talked to me or sat by me at lunch and they all stared at me like I had some kind of disease. Luckily, my last class of the day I met some nice people, Morgan and Zack who actually talked to me. Morgan was nerdy but I didn't care. I was just happy to have someone to talk to. Zack was funny. We had the same kind of humor and he reminded me of an old friend. They made me feel a little better inside. I was able to hold in the tears while I was at school, but once I got home that's when the waterworks started. I cried every single night.

On the third day of school, Morgan and I were eating lunch together. Then, one girl that I didn't even know came up to us and made gestures that we were retarded. I didn't know what to do. I felt so depressed, wondering what I had done to make someone hate me this much. That's when I realized that karma was real. My mom had always believed in it but I always thought she was crazy. I had never known what it was like to be bullied. I only knew what it was like to be one. But one thing's for sure, I wasn't going to let her bully me in front of everybody. I cussed at her, using the F word and telling her to get out of my face. Cussing is the only way I feel like I can intimidate people. She was amazed that I stood up to her. "Someone has a potty mouth," she responded and walked away.

That night when I got home, I wanted to commit suicide. Lots of kids kill themselves because of bullies. I never realized being bullied hurt so much. I used to think it made people look cool but really it makes you the biggest jerk and a heartless person. You don't know what it feels like until it happens to you.

The author's comments:
I hope people get from this that bullying hurts and that if you are a bully it'll come back and bite you in the butt. There is no reason to hurt people. They are human beings and have emotions. What goes around comes around like a hula hoop.

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